The Paul Mirfin Band

Ripley Live

Built in 1854, Ripley Town Hall as a central point of the Ripley community, the venue has now discovered the blues! Since 1999 Ripley Live has seen an impressive line up of blues, rock and folk bands as well as acclaimed jazz artists such as Snake Davis.

Join the Paul Mirfin Band, supported by Graham ‘Hotfoot’ Hall for an evening of Americana and blues.

Ripley Live is sponsored by The Ripley Castle Estate and Theakstons. Here’s what people have said about the event:

“Great crowd, great soundmen who clearly love what they do, great beer… Ripley is a dream gig for any musician playing in the UK today”.Β  The Stumble, 2008
“Firstly, may I say that without doubt, you have a really wonderful club in Ripley and a beautiful and unique venue. Thank you again for the opportunity to perform there.”
Simon Currie, 2010.
“Ripley really is a fantastic gig, it is the Jewel in the Crown of the Rhythm and Blues circuit”
Slim, The Hamsters.