The Paul Mirfin Band

New Single Release

We’re delighted to announce the release date for our new single ‘Hey All’. It’s been a tough few months but getting this song recorded through lockdown has kept us going and we hope that our fans will enjoy the new sound that we’ve been working on.

We wrote this song in the mountains of Slovenia at the end of 2019 and had only played it as a full band a couple of times before going into lockdown. Because of Covid restrictions we had to go into the recording studio individually and it was only after we heard the first mix that we really new what the song sounded like. It’s got a lot of Tom Petty undertones and was a great influence on Paul and Ben when they were younger as their dad used to play his albums on camper van journeys.

The single is available on all digital platforms as well as on our website.

Here’s what people are saying about it…

“Privileged to have had a sneak preview and exclusive pre release playing of the Paul Mirfin Bands new single “Hey All”. Wow! A new direction for the band, veering away from their Americana roots, this new single rocks! From the clarity and power of Mirfins vocals, to the note perfect power backing of the band, this is one for any music fans not to miss. ”
Steve Allan, presenter ‘Osmium’, Harrogate Hospital Radio