The Paul Mirfin Band

Warren Timmis

Lead guitar, Bass Guitar (Ancient Roads album), Mandolin

I became interested in music at an early age and was drawn to the guitar. Over the years I’ve played in many bands and also studied contemporary music to degree level. My influences are diverse and include jazz, rock, classical, bluesgrass, world music and blues artists.

Back in 1991 I was 7 years old when I first heard Guns N’ Roses version of Live & Let Die. I’d never heard a band that sounded as great as that and I was instantly hooked. Over the next year I got all their albums and Slash’s guitar playing became a huge influence on me and even made me start taking guitar lessons at school. The whole reason I became a guitar player is down to Slash and Guns N’ Roses. My favourite GN’R song when I was a kid was not one of their most well known songs, but a song off Use Your Illusion 1 called The Garden. It’s still one of my favourites by them.

My favourite film is the 1989 black comedy ‘The Burbs’ and I can recite most of the script whilst watching it. I estimate I’ve seen it nearly 100 times!