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Release of ‘The Fighter’ Video

With the release of their new music video ‘The Fighter’, Paul Mirfin and the band have been causing a stir in the press. See them featured here in York Press with award winning Director Dave Thorp.

And here Velton Lishke and Paul Mirfin are interviewed about the making of ‘The Fighter’ video by Graham Chalmers of The Harrogate Advertiser

Images by Mike Shawcross of This Thing Called Photography


Premier Christian Radio
Loretta Andrews

On 25th February 2017 Paul Mirfin was featured as the Centre Stage artist on Premier Christian Radio. Listen to the interview with Loretta Andrews and live lounge version of ‘The Fighter’ single here (starts at 28′)

 “Paul Mirfin is truly inspirational…..I loved his sound straight away!” Loretta Andrews




James Drury Photography

I was asked to create headshots and environmental portraits for Knaresborough based folk musician Paul Mirfin. His manager was looking for strong imagery for promotional use on posters, & social media. The brief was ‘dark & gritty’…which was right up my street. We started with a studio session late December which went really well; Paul was easy going, open to direction and comfortable in front of the camera.

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Paul's career on track

A Harrogate railway conductor is rapidly becoming as well known for singing as checking tickets. Since singer-songwriter and father-of-two Paul Mirfin decided to get more serious about his musical dreams only two years ago, he’s led a charmed life. Paul’s latest adventure involved being flown across to South Africa to perform at a huge stadium concert. Normally to be found playing upstairs at Caffe Nero in Harrogate town centre on a Sunday night in his trademark Yorkshire flat cap, the cheery and always positive Paul confessses to being bemused by his good fortune.

Picture by Adrian Murray

Paul said: “I’ve played in bands all my life but ever since I decided to write my own acoustic songs, everything has opened up for me. “It’s been one thing after the other for nearly two years,” The last 12 months alone have also seen Paul appear on BBC TV’s Song of Praise where he was filmed at Harrogate rail station singing with his band for passengers, not to forget gigs at Times Square in New York and the desert at Dubai. How he does it is a mystery to Paul himself, though a friendly nature and the willingness to perform in a diverse range of venues seems to be part of it.

The FNB stadium gig at an event attended by 85,000 people is a point in principle. Paul said: “I met the organiser when I was visiting a big church-run, farmers event at Pateley Bridge. I wasn’t supposed to be playing but I mentioned my songs so they let me sing my single called The Fighter. “The organiser said he loved it and said I should play at this huge festival he was organising in South Africa. I took it all with a pinch of salt.”

Paul says what he really wanted to do was play in the townships of Johannesburg. This was ruled out as too dangerous but Paul’s ‘can-do’ approach has certainly paid off on other occasions. He got the Times Square gig after getting up to sing unannounced in an Irish bar while his performance for a nomadic tribe in Dubai happened when he was on holiday and just happened to have his Merlin guitar with him. Known for his memorable melodies combined with Yorkshire grit and honest lyrics, Paul has been a conductor on the York-Harrogate-Leeds line for 13 years and he says his employers have been great.

Life has changed a lot since he moved beyond traditional Irish folk songs into original material. Fans in Harrogate are used to seeing him playing his story-telling songs such as Bring the Rain at the Blues Bar or Caffe Nero in the company of his band members Dom Cottrill and Dan Jackson who, between them, play everything from banjo to violin. But, no matter where the gig is, Paul is always back on the platform handling rail tickets come the start of the working week. 

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Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 14.23.29

The Paul Mirfin Band are excited and honoured to have been asked to play at this important event. See them on the main stage on Saturday 27th August 12:30-2:30pwhere they’ll be playing uplifting music from the new album and sharing their inspirational stories. 

‘This nation and the world, more than ever, need men who have integrity, humility and strength in everything they do. They are men who know what they are doing and why they are doing it; where they are going; and how to live their lives as a witness to others. Our families need men who will stand for what they believe and will not compromise.’ Angus Buchan 

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WOODLAND FESTIVALwoodland-festival-1

Saturday 28th May 11am-4pm

The Paul Mirfin Band will be performing at
Bettys & Taylors Woodland Festival at RHS Harlow Carr bringing to life the forest for a family day of celebrations in the fledgling woodland planted in 2014.




neros press releasePress Release 11th April 2016


Harrogate band leads the way with live music initiative

Fast rising local musicians The Paul Mirfin Band will be headlining at The Oaks live music event on 17th April, 6-8:30pm, at Caffe Nero, Cambridge Crescent, Harrogate. This will be the fifth Oaks event, organized by band leader Paul Mirfin, whose aim is to make live acoustic music accessible to families, young people and music connoisseurs alike. Entry to the event is free of charge.

The success of The Oaks live music event has spread fast over the last year with a packed out gig at Caffe Nero in Knaresborough last month and invitations to set up similar events at other branches. The Paul Mirfin Band has played a key part in its popularity with a growing fan based hooked on their unique sound and lyrics. Paul describes their music as “a combination of foot tapping hoedown and American Country, all topped off with classical overtones and a signature Yorkshire flat cap”. One audience member described the experience as “an amazing evening with really talented musicians. It was like being transported from my comfy armchair in Caffe Nero to a wooden porch in Mississippi”. Others appreciate “being able to listen to brilliant live music without being in a pub”.

Word about The Paul Mirfin Band has also spread to the BBC who will be featuring them on prime time programming this summer. Watch out for more from this local band as they release their first album ‘Bring the Rain’ at the end of April this year.



Press Release 25th April 2016


THE PAUL MIRFIN BAND to perform at Harrogate Train Station on the 7th May, 1:30pm, for BBC Songs of Praise.

Local residents are invited to attend the filming session as the band play a selection of acoustic songs from their new album Bring the Rain.

The BBC selected the band to feature on the programme after catching the producers’ attention at The Oaks live music event in Harrogate last month. This promising trio of local musicians, led by Harrogate train conductor Paul Mirfin, are fast gaining popularity both locally and nationally. The recent release of their music video, Carry Me, on the Yorkshire based YouTube channel ‘Ont Sofa’ saw the band explode onto the social media network. Overnight, the band received hundreds of views and positive comments recognising their talent as live performers and exceptional songwriters.