The Paul Mirfin Band

‘a very talented musician with a unique sound, lyrics and mix of instruments’ Leon Schoeman TBN

The Paul Mirfin Band are a Harrogate based group of acoustic musicians who, since forming just over 2 years ago, are fast gathering momentum as one of Yorkshire’s most talented producers of original folk rock music. They have been gigging constantly across Yorkshire and have a rapidly increasing fan base reaching Japan, South Africa and Alaska!

With a background working on the railways and childhood years in Sheffield, Paul’s melodies and lyrics are full of Northern grit and honesty. The latest single release, ‘The Fighter’, tells of how temptations have been overcome and how some of life’s battles have been won. With over 6,000 views on YouTube, the music video includes all the essential elements of Paul’s music – railway journeys, collisions in relationships and resolution through faith.

The Paul Mirfin Band’s sound is a Yorkshire version of American country porch music, leaning towards folk rock and blues. Influenced by the likes of Johnny Cash and David Crowder. Layered with arresting vocal harmonies this band bring a touching truth and simplicity to the acoustic music scene that has captured media and music industry attention.

They have been featured on BBC1 Songs of Praise as they performed for passengers and fans at Harrogate railway station and TBN Meets as well as being on current playlists for Premier Radio, TBN Africa and UCB Radio. Through their songs they are able to transport listeners from the stillness and peace of ‘Trust in the Silence’ to foot stomping hoedown beats in ‘Bring the Rain’ and ‘We are Three’. This band display some very rich song writing talent and musicianship

It has been an incredible few months since first forming in May 2015 but listening to their first EP (recorded live in the studio in one day!) it is not surprising that the band have taken off at this speed. As they enter their third year, things aren’t slowing down.

diane jordan


Diane Louise Jordan – BBC1 Songs of Praise Presenter

“Paul’s gigs seem to be having a profound affect on people”





David Grant – BBC1 Presenter

“You may not think trains and music naturally go together but up in Yorkshire Paul Mirfin is a man well versed in both”




John Sentamu – Archbishop of York

“I am delighted to hear that you were featured on Songs of Praise. I do pray that your story will have encouraged others as they tapped their feet along to your music!”




Velton Lishke – Actor and Producer

“I have just listened to this album for the first time and it is beyond amazing.. If you ever get a chance to check out Paul Mirfin and his band then do so. Trust me when I say….. absolutely brilliant”


lizzie jenkins


Lizzie Jenkins – BCB Radio Presenter

“Such a contrast of instruments and styles from slow calming influences to foot stomping tracks that are so beautifully blended together on this album”